Russian Hulk

His dream was to have Popeye-style arms, biceps like those of Hulk, and he got them, but everything has a price and it seems that it will be too high for Kiril Tereshin, whom you will remember for having applied several injections of synthol oil, between other things, to increase the volume of your arms.

The Russian Hulk

He achieved his goal, but now that mixture has made his reaction, causing pain so unbearable that has even called for death, and is that the oil that was injected can cause pulmonary embolism, stroke, among other very serious complications.

If he does not improve, the only solution will be to amputate his arms, which keeps Kiril very concerned, who has made his feelings public, because he has reached an intolerable situation.

Swollen arm with ice

Through Instagram commented:

It is already the end, I ask God that the soul leaves my body, I can not bear the pain. Three times a day, for an hour, I put ice and drink medicine.


He is only 21 years old, but he is already in a condition that has put him face to face with death, due to the bad decisions of adding highly toxic substances to his body, which can serve as an example for many young people who believe that by doing this they can achieve enviable figures.

Russian Hulk

Her arms reached 58 centimeters, with what she thought would impress the girls, but everything that was a dream, only a year later has collapsed, and now she will have to decide whether to amputate her arms or resign herself to death .

Unfortunate this case, without a doubt …