Simone Simons, the impressive redhead and vocalist of Epic that drives us crazy

With only 17 years old, she became the vocalist of the symphonic metal band, Epica, and since then it has been the dream of millions, for her mezzosoprano voice and her red hair.

She has 9 albums with her band, and has collaborated in several other projects, becoming one of the most followed vocalists in her genre. Here we show you some of the reasons why you love it, even the reggaeton.

1. Music is your religion

Simone simons

Although she was raised under the Catholic religion, she has said that she currently feels music as her religion, since she unites people, and does not like religions to become extremists.

2. She’s a fan of Game of Thrones

Simone simons

Simone has said that she loves the history, costumes and music of the popular series.

3. Does not like to read or see the news

Simone simons

He considers that what happens in the world is frightening, so he prefers not to read the newspapers or watch the news on television.

4. Sing, write songs and play the piano and flute, among other instruments

Simone simons

Besides being beautiful, she is extremely talented, which is why she has remained one of the best in the world of music.

5. Love chocolate and Thai food

Simone simons

As much as we love her …

6. His favorite color is yellow, but she almost always wears black

Simone simons

As you can see, his wardrobe is predominantly dark, because of the type of music he sings.

7. Prefer to sleep to party

Simone simons

Although it is believed that all the musicians of some type of rock live it in the party, Simone is very calm, and it is not seen him of revelry.

8. She loves to travel

Simone simons

Her favorite places are Norway and Egypt, so you know, if you ever want to invite her to travel …

9. In addition to music, she is passionate about photography

Simone simons

Other of his passions are eating frozen grapes and cinnamon sticks …

10. Always keep what the fans give him

Simone simons

She has declared that she will never throw away what the fans give him, as a way of thanking all his affection.

Let’s see a bit of her on stage: