Mexican actress arrives in a yellow dress at the Oscars and everyone trolls her with MEMES

As is customary every year, they have just carried out Los Oscar in its 90th edition, the prizes that award the best films and that the actors, filmmakers and everyone are waiting impatiently.

Keeping it hot: Wearing her wavy hair down, she added a massive bracelet and a pair of drop earrings to the look, complementing her silver-polished nails

And as expected, the good news comes to a close when the trolls all over the Internet find something to mock, because despite the fact that the Mexican film director, Guillermo del Toro, has won the biggest prize for the best film for his play the Shape of Water, actress same nationality, Eiza Gonzalez, the evening was a yellow dress thanks to a high pitch.

Hello, gorgeous: Eiza Gonzalez, who will be presenting at Sunday's Oscars, was a showstopper when she strolled across the event's red carpet outside Los Angeles' Dolby Theatre

So far no one has been mentioned as her, because her name is in all social networks, but not for her talent or beauty, but for being the perfect target (in this case yellow) for an endless amount of memes.

Arm in arm: During the awards show, Eiza was joined onstage by her Baby Driver co-star Ansel Elgort - the film's leading man - to present

Here we bring to you a compilation of the best memes that the Internet has created, and most of them were created by their compatriots, the blessed Mexicans.

Radiant beauty: In one evocative snapshot, she turned and aimed her best smoldering stare over her shoulder at one of the cameras behind her