I know many women who can relate to this particular scenario: you get home, tired after a long hard day’s work, and all you want to do is hit the sack. You rush straight to your room and drop as hard as you can on your bed, without sparing a thought about changing your clothes at all. And who could blame you? With today’s physically and mentally demanding workload, doing something as childish as that is perfectly understandable.

Although most articles of clothing worn when sleeping don’t do any harm, there is one piece of clothing that all women must take off before going to sweet, sweet dreamland; your bra. Such a small, seemingly harmless thing is actually hiding a very real and very damning threat to your over all health.

1. It can cause restlessnessHaving a bra around the sensitive skin that outlines a woman’s breasts can cause restlessness, however slight it might be. Although you might not initially feel it when you start falling asleep, over time the constriction the bra causes around your breasts can be irritating, resulting in sleep that’s way less comfortable that what you deserve.

2. Hyperpigmentation is a possible consequenceHyperpigmentation is a fancy word for a truckload of dark spots, or unbalanced skin tone. Imagine that happening to your breasts…not a pretty picture, eh? It is caused by an increase in melanin levels, the pigment of the body that dictates what color your skin is. Wearing a bra at night can cause frequent friction and irritation with your breasts that leads to hyperpigmentation.

3. Bras reduce circulationMost bras nowadays have underwire, which is the part of the bra that provides lift and sturdiness. However this also causes reduced circulation to your breasts, especially if the wire is too constricting against the skin; this causes the muscles to be constricted, which in turn results in a lowered amount of blood that goes into the nerves around your arms. Examples of bras that are known for their snugness are sports bras; avoid these at all costs when going to sleep.

4. It Alters the way your breasts functionThe lymphatic system is a network inside your body that is responsible for your immunity against diseases. Unfortunately, wearing a tight bra when in bed can result in negative consequences to your lymphatic system. Bras impair the flow of blood and lymphatic drainage, especially bras that are too tight; they can cause fluid to be retained and worse, chronic inflammation.

Another function of the lymphatic system is the excretion of toxins around the breast area; so reduced lymph drainage will negatively affect the liver, kidneys and most parts of the body because the toxins are kept inside it. The worst consequence that can happen to your breast’s structure is breast cancer.

Renowned breast cancer advocate, medical anthropologist, and co – author of the book Dressed to Kill: The Link Between Breast Cancer Bras, Sydney Ross Singer, said:

“Sleeping in a bra is the worst thing to do for the breasts. Bra-free women have about the same incidence of breast cancer as men, while the incidence rises the tighter and longer a bra is worn, to over 100 times higher for a 24/7 bra user compared to bra-free. The compression of the breast tissue by the bra, which is evident by seeing red marks or indentations in the skin from the bra, results in fluid and toxin accumulation, causing pain, cysts, and ultimately, cancer. To find out if your bra is harming your breasts, try going bra-free for one month and feel the difference.”

5. Bras Irritate the skinDon’t be fooled if you don’t feel any discomfort when going to sleep at night with a bra on, especially if it is underwire.  The hooks and straps can irritate the skin, perforating it, which in time leads to lesions or even cysts if left on for a long time.

6. It Can Cause Fungus to grow around your breastsThe image of having fungus grow around your gals should cause a shudder through your body. It should be enough reason to ditch the bra permanently when asleep. Alot of women don’t realize that the bras they wear are ill-fitting; bras such as those are a perfect environment for fungus to thrive and multiply. The rate fungus grows on breasts with wrong bras on them increases at night because of the lowered temperature of the body.

Your body will thank you endlessly if you decide to ditch the bra before going to bed at night. You can sleep better too, knowing that every part of your body is unrestricted, plus you know that you have taken every step to protect your health!