Hero went in search of the American dream

Gentlemen, we all know someone who went to the “other side” to make the “American dream” a reality, which basically means that they crossed the border in search of better economic opportunities and life. This is very common in Latin America.

Each year, thousands of people seek to cross the border into the United States, find a good job and, hopefully, marry a local native so they can legally stay in the United States.

That is why today we present this tender story that is worthy of applause and damirarse, because while some hardly manage to “cross the pond” and get alive to the border, others like this alpha male get a beautiful blond elf and it shows us that love goes beyond the physical.

1. This alpha male, adamantium plume, realized the American dream

American_ dream_06

2. He not only crossed the border, he fell in love with a beautiful blonde and they joined their lives


3. Stay with the one who sees you as this elf sees her Latino stallion …

American_05 dream

4. With the one that happily presumes you with the world

American_ dream_02

5. Envious people will say it’s convenience, but we all know it’s true love

American dream_04

6. Because the happiness of having found the right male, you can not pretend

American dream_03

7. The family was happy

American_ Dream_08

8. And everyone wanted a picture with the new marriage

American_ dream_07

The photos have been shared on social networks and, as always, there is never a lack of envious people who criticize that this happy couple has joined. Fortunately there are more people proud of their roots who share this happiness.


And someone gave an alternative ending to this beautiful love story …


Long live the couple! Long live this alpha latin who fulfilled the American dream! !! Congratulations!!