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A Chinese businessman is suing a escort agency, because according to him, he ripped it off by charging him a total of 3.7 million dollars for having a sex session with Megan Fox, Candice Swanepoel and Chinese actress and model Angelababy Yeung.

However when Yu ‘Martin’ Xu arrived at the sexual encounter he ended up disappointed, because the girls he found in the room were not the same as he expected. Now, this employer is demanding that the escort company, located in Sydney, Australia, to return the money he has paid them.

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Yu Xu says the company promised him sexual services by Hollywood actress Megan Fox, supermodel Candice Swanepoel and Chinese actress Angelababy. For this, he had to pay the amount of 3.7 million dollars to the agency.

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A payment divided into an affiliation fee of 24 thousand dollars, and then began to pay the agency 7 of 500 thousand dollars payments totaling 3.5 million dollars.


Finally, last year in August he made a payment of 200 thousand dollars, besides being responsible for the transport and lodging of the three celebrities, however, none of the stars with which he dreamed of being found.


To date, the company accused of fraud has not presented any legal defense on this case.

We can all understand the courage of this man, after paying three million for a crazy night with these girls; However, someone offers to have sex with one of the most famous actresses in Hollywood, for only two million dollars (when she has to earn more to get out of bed), that smells from the beginning to fraud.

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