Castor Oil is the Best Treatment for Dark Circles

Due to its extreme thinness, the skin surrounding the eye is the most important compared to the rest of the facial complexion. It contains blood vessels and fine veins, which cause the appearance of dark circles and eye strain with the slightest mistake.

A large number of women at different ages suffer from dark circles surrounding the eye due to many causes. Castor oil is one of the best active ingredients to fight dark circles and treat them quickly for its omega-3 and antioxidant content, which moisturizes the skin and eliminates fluid retention under the skin.

Here’s a wonderful recipe for using castor oil to treat dark circles.


  • A teaspoon of castor oil
  • A teaspoon of bitter almond oil
  • One capsule of vitamin E oil

How to Prepare

  • Mix all ingredients together and keep them in a clean, tightly sealed container.
  • The resulting mixture is used to massage the area around the eye gently every morning and evening.
  • Protect your skin and hands before the castor oil mixture is distributed around the eye.