Best days to cut hair and the most important tips

Hair cutting is one of the most important and very useful things for the health and beauty of hair. Hair cutting helps protect hair from being damaged. It cuts off damaged limbs and reduces the rest of the hair.

The hair cutting process also makes it more vibrant and sparkling, giving it enough gloss and softness. Therefore, hair must be cut every two or three months at least. But do you know that there are certain times to cut the ends of the hair? And that these times must be chosen in order to maintain the health of hair? Yes, there are certain days to choose to cut hair during. You can follow this article in which we review the best days of hair cutting, and the most important tips you can follow before cutting hair.

The best time to cut hair

Hair needs time and again to cut its limp limbs, in order to give vital hair and beauty. But there are certain times when hair is preferred. The most important of these times are the white days of the Hijri month, ie the thirteenth day, the fourteenth day, and the fifteenth day of the month or the Hijri month. During these days, the moon completes and becomes clear, and when cutting hair these days it gives the hair a wonderful opportunity to grow quickly again.

Also prefer hair cutting complete for the days when the completion of the moon to be Badr, which is the sixteenth day and the seventeenth day. , Because the body’s hormones begin to regenerate and change in this period. This helps the hair grow a lot more healthy, increase its density, and its length better. Therefore, avoid cutting your hair out of this period.

What are the conditions that require you to cut hair immediately?

A large number of women wonder about cases where hair cutting is needed:

1. The hair is bombed

When you notice that your hair is hit by a bomb, the only solution here is to cut the tips of the hair to prevent the increase of the bombardment that may extend to the entire hair and increase hair damage . Causes of hair loss are due to constant sun exposure, as well as the frequent use of harmful chemicals on hair, including hair care products, which carry components of some chemical compounds, and hair dyes also. You can also cut hair tips when exposed to dryness, roughness and damage.

2. Inability to lay off

When you get my lady to the stage of hair styling and hair loss, let me know that her limbs must be trimmed in a consistent way to help you straighten your hair .

3. Hair density

There are many women who suffer from the problem of hair density, especially if their hair is long, because they find it very difficult to hair styling, and the solution is to cut hair in a listed manner to contribute to hair reduction, and thus easy to be styled.

Important Tips Before Cutting Hair

Cut the dry hair

Beware of hair cutting when it is wet or moist because the wet hair looks longer than it is. Therefore, you should cut hair when it is dry. Also, you have to take care of the lady of hair cut and clean. So, wash your hair well and dry it thoroughly before cutting it.

Use hair scissors

One of the tips to help you cut your hair better is to use a hair cutter. , Because your use of non-hair scissors may cause hair damage a lot and make its appearance not beautiful.

Moisturize your hair with oils

One of the important steps you can follow after cutting hair is to put natural oils that help to moisturize your hair, and work to increase the length and growth effectively and in less time.