On May 16 will be released Deadpool 2, a highly anticipated film, as this character has become one of the favorites, for his black humor and to come to refresh a world saturated with superheroes. So that you can continue to warm up the engines, here are some interesting facts that you should know so that you are ready by the time you reach the big screen.

1. Ryan Reynolds is also a screenwriter

Ryan Reynolds

We know that Reynolds has completely put on the shirt of this character, and now not only participates as protagonist, but has also contributed to the script, so in the credits of the new film you can read: Written by Rhett Reese, Paul Wernick and Ryan Reynolds.

This is having a commitment to what is done.

2. It will not be a movie bigger than the original


What anyone could think, is that after the huge success of the first film, the studios would throw the house out of the window in terms of budget, to create a spectacular sequel in terms of special effects, but no, it does not go around.

The producer, Simon Kinberg, said in Entertainment Weekend :

The great order for the second film was: not to make it bigger. We have to resist the temptation to make it bigger in scale and scope, which is what you would normally do when you had a movie with surprising success.

3. Cable will finally appear

Cable in Deadpool

Since the first X-Men movie appeared in 2000, fans have been waiting for the appearance of this character, but it will be until he appears in this Deadpool film where Cyclops’ son and Jean Gray’s clone, Madelyne Pryor, who is a traveler in time, will be able to get to movie theaters.

4. The universe expands, but it’s still a Deadpool movie

Deadpool scene 2

It seems to be a trend that more characters appear in superhero movies, and in this case is no exception, and we will see Domino, the return of Colossus and Negasonic Teenage Warhead, in addition to the formation of X-Force, with some new characters, who, as Deadpool says, “form a new franchise”.

But according to Rhett Reese, writer of the story, even though there will be many characters, “it’s still a Deadpool solo movie”.

5. Wonder Woman is watching what Deadpool does

In the trailer of the movie, Deadpool makes a sign in the form of “X”, which is the same as Wonder Woman does, so Gal Gadot sent him a message:

Friend, you stole my look!

6. Has a new director

David Leitch director

Although the first film was a success, Tim Miller decided to abandon the project for this second film, so David Leitch was called to take charge. This option, Reynolds said, was right, because Leitch can make great movies with a really low budget.

7. His job title was: Love Machine

Deadpool 2

Although it will not be the official title of the film, it is the one that has been used during the filming and production process, so we will have to wait to find out why …