5 signs that will tell you that she only wants you for your money

When looking for a relationship, men look at two things about a woman: her beautiful smile and having beautiful feelings, but some girls only look for one thing in men: that they have money.

It is sad that this happens, but some women only look for a ‘loving’ relationship because what they love is spending, spending and spending. There are many men who have become the ATMs of their girlfriends and there are few who end up drowned in large debts and then be abandoned for not being able to maintain a luxurious lifestyle.

woman interested signs

Surely you know some man who has been involved with an interested woman. It is not very difficult to realize this and, worried about the well-being of your heart and your wallet, The Guide of the Man brings you these signals that betray a woman who is only with her partner for money.

1. He ‘worries’ about his finances

Some women suddenly start asking their partner for details about their salary. In an ordinary conversation, they ask questions about whether they pay well in the work they have, how much they pay or how they manage their salary.

interested woman

Although that might be the best thing for a couple who share expenses, for a relationship that is just beginning is a big signal that is looking for more economic stability than an emotional one.

2. His salary never reaches him

A woman who is interested in money will often comment on how her salary is not enough for her expenses. These girls become victims when it comes to income, their salary is always very low and they are almost always paying debts for things they do not even have anymore.

It is important to realize the lifestyle that that girl has to find out if she is really looking for someone to pay her debts.

3. It matters what they will say

The interested girls worry about the opinion that others will have about her. But not the opinion of how it is, if not what they think of their appearance and their lifestyle.

woman interested signs

They are interested that people only frequent them in the most expensive places and that they always fill them with compliments for their expensive clothes.

4. Always want the best

interested woman

Consent is very valid, but sooner or later the portfolio will resent those small tastes. Interested girls often ask their partners to take them to the best restaurants, the most expensive bars or other expensive attractions. Actually, that girl is not enjoying the company of her partner, if not the luxuries that she can pay her.

5. Is the intention what counts?

The eternal debate about who should pay the first date is no longer a dilemma. The reality is that when a man invites a girl out, he knows he can pay. But a girl who cares about the other person has at least the intention to share expenses.

interested woman

It is obvious that if you are dating a girl who has never cooperated for the expenses of an appointment and has not even had the intention to do so, you will end up paying everything. She will love you for your money and when, to please you, you end up in bankruptcy, she will simply leave you to look for another money provider.

interested woman

Do not kid yourself, you’re worth much more than your wallet and you deserve respect. If your appointment shows any of these signs, be courteous and leave immediately. There are better ways to spend your money.