16 People Who Followed Plastic Surgery Down the Rabbit Hole

Would you destroy something perfect in order to make it beautiful? I believe that’s what Gerard Way, the frontman of My Chemical Romance sang in their excellent “Sing.” And it’s pertinent to today’s topic. See, people have always wanted to be more beautiful than they already are, and sometimes they achieve the opposite they become ugly. This is especially the case with cosmetic surgeries, which as we all know, can go terribly wrong.

If we can envy cavemen about something, that’s definitely their lack of ability to turn themselves into something out of a horror show. Thanks to Providr, we now have a list of 16 people who took plastic surgery a step too far.

1. Jocelyn Wildenstein

Rumor has it she’s spent in excess of $4 million on plastic surgery. Is it any surprise she caught her husband cheating on her with a Russian model? Nope, I think not. But when she got $2.5 billion from her alimony settlement, the judge made sure that she couldn’t use that money for further self… improvements?

2. Rajee Narinesingh

This woman just had the misfortune of going under the knife of an unlicensed doctor who didn’t know what he was doing. She didn’t have enough money for a real plastic surgeon, so this one guy injected her face with tire sealant and cement. Just wonderful. At least she can carelessly head-butt people now.

3. Maria Geronazzo

Maria is a Hungarian actress who decided that she needed plastic surgery. And LOTS of it. Why? Don’t ask me.

4. Brian Zembic

AKA ‘The Wiz’ is pretty much the archetype of a crazy person. Back in 1996 he was doing some high-stakes gambling and lost a bet to a person who asked that Brian should get breast implants. And Brian did. And he kept them! Good for you Brian!

5. Priscilla Caputo

She works for Star magazine and she’ll tell you she’s an ‘aspiring model’, but somehow I’m not inclined to believe her. Priscilla has also been a guest on Howard Stern’s radio show, and she’s one of the few people who admitted that they took it a bit too far. She’s admitted it “ruined her natural beauty.” Her bofriend is a plastic surgeon (uh-oh) and she once said she’s created a monster.

6. This Jane Doe

No one knows this woman’s name, but check out those breast implants. If that’s even what those are. It could very well be the heads of two bald men snuggling in her shirt. Dunno man. The guy next to her doesn’t look comfortable as well.

7. Farrah Abraham

We know her from Teen Moms. However, she made something stupid – she decided she needed some very necessary lip implants. This is her now. Feel pretty yet?!

8. Christina Ray

First, that’s not her real name, she’s Russian. Second, she believes that Jessica Rabbit is the perfect model of a woman and that all girls should aspire to look more like that particular CARTOON CHARACTER. So, she put her money where her mouth is (scratch that, WAS), and literally. So purty, no?

9. Unknown

Do lip injections ever go right, actually? And maybe this is what she was going for? Like, to eternally have a duck face so she can take selfies effortlessly?

10. Some Italian celebrity

She’s… A piece of work. But not the artistic kind.

11. Donnatella

The vice-president of Versace, ladies and gentlemen. I’m guessing this lady was used as a testing grounds for new plastic surgeons to learn their skills on.

12. This… Woman?

You think the previous boob job was something? Check out these. Her breasts’ size is triple Z. Meanwhile, I can only wonder how long until her spine snaps.

13. Who needs a nose you can breathe through?

This woman sure didn’t! And she PAID for her plastic surgery to do that. Wow.

14. There second guy on this

Wanted a nose job after his divorce. So as to appear ‘more attractive.’ Well… It took him 22 surgeries PLUS an infection, after which the doctors decided to remove his nose. See that plastic straw in the middle of his face? He breathes through that now.

15. Yet MORE botched lip injections!


16. Breast implants look like this when you age

The truth of plastic surgery makes itself shown, eventually: no breast, all implant. Yikes!