12 things that you did not know about Margot Robbie and that will make you love her more

What do we know about Margot Robbie? That it is beautiful and that it has stolen our hearts. However, behind the actress who gives life to Harley Quinn, there is a pretty interesting woman and without a doubt, after reading these 12 facts you will end up completely in love with her. These are the 12 curiosities of our favorite blonde.

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1. He loves surfing, motorcycles

margot robbie surfing

2. Before his nude from The Wolf of Wall Street, he took 3 tequila s, to seize value

gif margot robbie

3. Actually, he likes sports shoes more than heels

margot robbie

4. She is a tattooist. More than getting tattoos, she likes to make them

margot robbie

5. As a child she took circus classes as an extracurricular activity

gif margot robbie harley quinn

She has a trapeze certificate that helped him a lot in the role of Harley Quinn

6. She slapped Leonardo DiCaprio to get the role in The Wolf of Wall Street

gif margot robbie dicaprio

And he enjoyed it.

7. He has rejected the proposal to be Playboy cover

Margot Robbie sexy girl The Male Guide

It’s sad but true

8. She is a Harry Potter fan to the point of wearing glasses to look like this magician

margot robbie

9. She is also a fan of Ice Hockey. His favorite team is New York Rangers

margot robbie hokey

10. She did not audition like the rest to participate in Suicide Squad, she was offered the role

margot robbie

He has tattooed, as much of the cast, the word “SKWAD” because the movie changed his life.

11. Your favorite food is chips

gif margot robbie licking

12. Her best friends call her Maggi

gif margot robbie skirt

Margot Robbie is not like all the girls, she is unique and different.